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For over twenty years, we at Protective Film Solution have been the go-to service provider for commercial clients all around the area. Our portfolio consists of paint protection service, a ceramic coating service, a vinyl wrap service as well as commercial Window tinting services.

Paint Protection Film -
True Paint Protection

No amount of careful driving (or careful parking) can protect your car from the small but harmful things on the road. The weather and roads in the Fresno area are doing serious damage to the body of your car in the form of chips, scratches, water spots, and much more. Our PPF aka clear bra installations help make sure your car is protected without compromising its beauty. Get a free quote today.

Ceramic Pro Car Coatings
Unmatched Gloss

Ceramic coating for cars is becoming very popular due to it’s ability to protect your paint from the elements as well as the immense shine that it adds to your paint. An extremely hydrophobic sacrificial layer is added using state of the art nano technology.

Vinyl Wrap
Non-Permanent Color Change

Vinyl wrapping is perfect for when you want a new look for your ride but you don't want to spend thousands on a quality paint job. A secondary benefit of a vinyl wrap is you add a layer of protection on your paint from the elements. We specialize in vinyl wraps for any vehicle from Camry's to Corvettes.

Window Tinting Services for Cars, Boats, Homes, Office

Window tinting is not about just looks anymore. Now we know that rays from the sun are harmful and in order to protect your people you need to have the proper window tint installed.

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